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When the dreaded “Check Engine Light” indicator comes on, most vehicle owners/drivers either tend to panic or completely ignore it. Both reactions are not required! Of course, the indication for checking the engine should be taken seriously but should not be a reason for panic. The best step is to take your vehicle and get it checked out by a licensed mechanic. It could be an indication of something that needs to be repaired but can also signal towards a serious issue. Getting this checked out can not only ensure your safety, but also potentially save you money in case of a more serious issue. If the light is flashing, it is usually indicative of a serious problem and should be checked out immediately. If the light is on but not flashing, there might be time to order parts and replace them if required. Most late model cars are equipped with computers that manage all the components of the vehicle through a network of sensors. Therefore, the light turning on definitely requires a thorough check up. Give us a call today at Johns United Auto Clinic in Mississauga so we can diagnose the issue and put your mind to rest.