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One of the most basic, cost effective ways to maintain your vehicle is regular oil changes. Regularly scheduled oil changes will give your vehicle longevity by maintaining the health of your engine. Oil keeps your engine lubricated, allowing it to run more smoothly and preventing unwanted friction and wear and tear, protecting its key components. The key fluids and filters need to be regularly checked as well and replaced as required. At Johns United Auto Clinic, we do thorough checks and make recommendations for the frequency of oil changes and replacement of fluids and filters. Coolant and brake fluids have important roles in the smooth running of your vehicle and you must get them checked regularly by experts.

Indications that it is time for an oil change:

If you face any of these, you must get the vehicle checked out by experts. Regular maintenance of oil, fuel, car air and cabin air filters can help stop dirt and debris from wreaking havoc on the operation of your vehicle.

You must bear in mind that each vehicle is different and it is really important to consult the owner’s manual for how often you should get the Oil changed. Get the oil changed regularly at Johns United Auto Clinic in Mississauga and keep your car healthy!