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Regular tune ups to your engine are essential for longevity and optimal performance. You will also save money in the long run by regular checkups as engine repairs can be quite expensive. If you notice any of the following, bring your car in to Johns United Auto Clinic for a checkup.

Engine Issues and warning signs:

Overheating Engine:
Overheated engines can be dangerous and of course, scary. Overheating of the engine can cause severe damage to many parts of the vehicle and cannot be ignored. To avoid expensive repairs, get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. It is important to keep up the maintenance for your safety and longevity of the vehicle.

Motor Tune Ups:
Minor issues can be solved quickly and inexpensively when checked by experts regularly. Motor tune ups can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long period of time. Our technicians will include the following in our regular checkups at Johns United Auto Clinic:

Give us a call today and have your vehicle inspected thoroughly. Our expert technicians will help you understand the status of your vehicle and will also give you steps that should be followed so that you can keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for a long time.